Five Amazing Traditional Indian Handicrafts You Should Learn About

Diverse, rich in culture, and ever-so-vibrant, a 70-year-old modern India continues to be aptly dubbed ‘incredible’. While much of our modern achievements are understandably recognised and celebrated, we tend to often overlook and ignore our centuries-old roots that form the very basis of our culture. If we delve in our glorious history, there’ll be a lot to unpack, of course — but we at Engrave are proud to be a maker’s market that is committed to promoting the arts and crafts of Indian artisans. And thus, this Independence Day, we decided to focus on the stunning arts and crafts of our ancestors, and handpicked five of them that are practiced even today! View full article →

6 Top Destinations For Indian Handicrafts

Art and craft is an integral part of the lives of Indians. Blessed with a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the intricacy of its handicrafts, India is a true blue shopper's paradise. Your trip to India would be incomplete without getting a glimpse of the beautiful Indian handicrafts that depict the mind-blowing talent of its craftsmen. Saharanpur (Wood works) View full article →

Indian Handicrafts at Present

The roots of Indian art and crafts are entrenched very deep and they are capable of influencing the generations passing by. The present status of craft in India owes much to the rich craft traditions of the past. Most of the crafts from the past continue to flourish due to their utilitarian nature, their availability to the common people, and popularity in domestic and foreign markets. View full article →

Indian Crafts Legacy

The history of Indian handicrafts is an old saga.To peep in to the traces of Indian handicrafts we need to go back to almost 5000 years from now. The first references to Indian handicrafts can be found from the Indus Valley Civilization (3000 B.C.-1700 B.C.). The craft tradition in India has revolved around religious beliefs, local needs of the commoners, as well as the special needs of the patrons and royalty, along with an eye for foreign and domestic trade. These craft traditions have withstood the ravages of time and numerous foreign invasions and continue to flourish till date owing to the assimilative nature of Indian culture and broadmindedness of the handicraftsmen to accept and use new ideas. Indus Valley Civilization View full article →

How You Can Help Make India’s Arts & Crafts Community Globally Competitive & Improve Livelihoods

India has a long and unique history of art, with several indigenous crafts and practices passed down across generations of artisan communities. Unfortunately, many of these artisans today face a struggle for survival, competing against the cheap, rapidly produced products of the modern age. It is time modern industry helped these artisans claim their rightful share of the global market.

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