$100 Minimum Order

Who are we?

Indie Roots is a young company with a strong social conscience. We aim to blend artisan craftsmanship with authenticity and sustainable enterprise.

What do we wish to do?

Preserve heritage: we’re working to build systems that support, sustain and revive artisanal industry. We do this by forging sustainable links between artisan communities and global markets, leveraging the powers of modern technology.

Uplift communities: we aim to provide jobs, skills, just wages and a renewed sense of pride to the people and places connected with historic and traditional crafts. We accomplish all of this while providing a unique and unmatched social experience for clients around the world.

Why buy our product?

We strive to connect people over vast geographies through the power of beautiful art. Every product you bring home tells a story of artisan tradition kept alive by craftsman the world over. With the help of your purchase, we are building a sustainable global market for artisans and fostering entrepreneurship within their thriving communities.

Who buys our products?

Indie Roots customers are those who appreciate elegant and passionately hand-crafted products. They’re interested in the histories and geographies that shaped them.

Every purchase you make here, contributes to the livelihood of an artisan family. Every product sold, helps to ensure the survival of ancient artistic techniques—and the revival of others lost to history.

What are our values?

Every action we take is informed by the cherished values of our company.

Ethical – We work with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives focused on building strong business relationships with artisanal suppliers. At every stage, our partners should be aligned with our vision.

Handmade – The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful, handmade artifact is an essential part of the art. Pieces that are individually crafted are irreplaceable in their uniqueness and authenticity. The traditional techniques employed by our suppliers have often been passed on for uncountable generations.

Sustainable – We want our products to be distinguished, not only by their elegance but by the care and attention we take in designing them. We obtain materials from environmentally and socially responsible sources and handcraft at each stage to minimize our carbon and water foot prints.